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Dining at Villa Nandana is a cultural journey in itself, with the chance to explore the delights of Thai cuisine under the expert guidance of your full-time chef.

The villa’s extensive suggestion menu includes a choice of delicious Thai dishes that can be tailored to suit your group’s tastes.  Choose from a tom yum prawn soup, laab moo (pork salad with chili) or a green chicken curry for some fiery flavours, and, to enjoy the freshest tastes of the region, be sure to ask the chef about any seasonal or local specialties.  There’s also a limited selection of Asian and Western dishes available, together with a list of wines to accompany your meals. 

Continental breakfast is included in the villa rate and the chef will source provisions for all other meals charged at market price plus a 20% handling fee and a government tax, with a minimum shopping fee of THB 750.  Guests will be requested to provide money for groceries in advance, and receipts will be kept for reference.  To ensure the chef has sufficient time to prepare, guests are encouraged to plan meals at least a day in advance.

The well-equipped kitchen is also available to those who would prefer to self-cater.  However, it’s more than likely that the gleaming appliances will remain untouched by guests, given the talents of the villa chef.  That said, it’s worth sneaking into the kitchen now and then to watch the chef prepare those delicious Thai dishes!

Villa Nandana - Spices
Villa Nandana - Thai cuisine
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